About Us

Welcome to Play and Learn Preschool

Our preschool began over 30 years ago in the Spring of 1982 as a Mother’s Day Out program at Yale Avenue Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  This one day per week program, initially 9-2:30 on Friday, was a big help to stay-at-home moms who just needed a break from the kids!  However, the idea caught on quickly and in the Autumn of that same year, a second day, Tuesday, was added.  Through the ensuing decades, the program continued to expand to five days.  The service hours were expanded to 7:30a—5:30p for accommodation of working families.  In October of 2002, the preschool was approved as a licensed two star preschool under the auspices of the Oklahoma Department of Human services.  This transitioning ministry evolved into a Christian early learning center for infants through Pre-K.  The  preschool was incorporated November 12, 2004 as a not-for-profit corporation and received IRS 501 c3 approval as a public charity May 24, 2006.  The preschool continues to be affiliated with and a ministry of Yale Avenue Christian Church.

It’s all about the Children

Play and Learn provides a Christian environment in which children are cared for and nurtured so they will feel secure and happy.  It is our mission to encourage each child to develop self-confidence and to assist them in developing their individual abilities and talents.  The uniqueness of each child is appreciated.  The children are encouraged to progress at their own rate in an environment where they may learn new concepts and acquire skills through ‘hands-on’ experiences.  This is how we meet our Vision of Success for every child and our Mission of Teaching children for future success.


Play and Learn is licensed by OKDHS (The Oklahoma Department of Human Services) and is a participant in the Oklahoma Stars program as a Two Star Preschool.

Preschool Hours of Operation

The preschool is open year-round with the exception of holidays, breaks or days the preschool may be required to close due to weather or other circumstances beyond our control.  See Home page click on Calendar’ for annual schedule or click on ‘Newsletter’ for the monthly calendar.  Daily hours are 7:30a to 5:30p Monday through Friday providing an extended day for parents and children.


Governance, Administration, Faculty  See home page click ‘Parent Handbook” page 6

Environment  The preschool provides a secure, clean and pleasant environment in which the children receive developmentally appropriate activities and experiences in a Christian setting

Our Children

Children from 6 weeks to 5 years may be enrolled in our early childhood program.  Children are grouped according to age and development with input from parents.  Initial placement begins September 1 and may be adjusted as the child grows and matures.  Teachers provide attentive and personal interaction with each child.  Placements and teacher/child ratios are in compliance with licensing requirements.


Children are placed in age appropriate rooms, i.e., infants, toddlers, two’s, etc.  However, not all children grow and mature at the same rate, therefore, a transition may be recommended from one room to another as being appropriate for and beneficial to the child.  In consultation with the parents and teachers, a transition from one room to another may be recommended.  Due care is taken by staff to assist the child in making a happy and successful room change.


Age Groupings

Infants  (younger: 6 weeks—6 months)  (older: 6 to 12 months)

Generally infants are divided into two groups, younger and older. As younger infants develop and are ready, they are moved to the older infants area.  A basic schedule is used including developmental activities and some curriculum. The infants are permitted to play out-side when weather is appropriate and begin eating food from the kitchen. Parents are advised at  pick-up time through a daily report and dialogue with the teacher about the events of the child’s day.

Toddlers and Twos (Toddlers ages 13—24 months) (Twos ages 25—36 months)

Infant 2.png

              As infants are ready, they are moved to the toddler area which includes both younger and older toddler rooms. Toddlers enjoy the outside playground, learning centers in their rooms, building blocks and co-curricular   activities such as kidercise fitness, Spanish and music. Teachers assist toddlers in learning how to deal with their feelings and emotions.  Parents are encouraged to visit and share in their activities. At pick-up time, parents are advised through a daily report and dialogue with the teacher about the events of the child’s day.



Threes, Fours and Fives (ages 37—60 months)


              Children have a busy day as they work through experiences presented in the curriculum which also incorporates Christian values and related themes. Centers of interest are provided including a center with computers incorporating games that reinforce basic skills in shapes, numbers, etc.  They especially enjoy the shaded areas of the playground as well as the indoor gym. They have the opportunity to be more involved in the co-curricular activities such as Spanish, kidercise fitness, art, and music in addition to attending              chapel.  Daily reports are provided to parents summarizing the events of the child’s day.


Developmental Curriculum 

The curriculum is centered around the provision of individual nurturing and professional care in a Christian environment.  Our goal is to help children develop a strong sense of self-worth in an atmosphere conducive to learning.  And, through the process of play, they learn about the world around them.   Click ‘Parent Handbook’ button on the home page for additional details.

Co-Curricular Activities

Children have the opportunity to participate in several fun and educational co-curricular activities in addition to regular daily classroom learning experiences., including Chapel, Kidercise Fitness, Spanish Language, Art and Music. These are provided at no additional cost and are subject to change.  See Parent handbook for additional details.

Daily Routine

Preschoolers arrive to open centers of interest in their classrooms followed by breakfast.  Group time with lessons, co-curricular activities and outdoor time complete the morning.  At lunch, they receive a hot well balanced meal served family style in their room.  This is followed by a rest period.  In the afternoon they continue with centers of interest, stories, snack time, music/art and outdoor time.  Infants, toddlers and twos follow daily routines designed for their ages.


Nutrition and Meals

The preschool participates in the Child and Adult Care Food Program which provides a well –balanced breakfast, lunch and snack for the children each day.  Vegetables and fruits are a part of the menu.  A monthly menu is prepared, posted and also published in the Discovery Days Newsletter, in print and on the website.  See Home page and click on ‘Newsletter’.



Discovery Handbook   (A Parent Handbook)

Additional preschool details may be found in the handbook.  See the Home page and click on ‘Parent Handbook’.

Expected Outcome

Our Vision is ‘Success for every child’ and our Mission is ‘Teaching children for future success’.  Success is achieved by providing children age appropriate activities that spiritually, socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually stimulate, nurture and build self-confidence. As a result, we expect each child to be successful in the coming years of schooling and future life experiences.  The expected outcome is a successful, rewarding, joy filled life for each child.

Children are a blessing from the Lord.